Fractal Design define R4 vs Corsair Air 540

I would like to know wich one is best and wich one you guys think is prettier. I know the corsair 540 has awesome airflow, but what about the R4? Also, this might seem like a silly question but do you need to open the front door when gaming, so nothing overheats?

Fractal Design define R4

Corsair air 540
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    I was in your shoes. I went to my local computer parts store and saw both of them. The Corsair Carbide Air 540 looked better to me in my opinion. The Gunmetal Gray, excellent air flow, and cable management ended up being my winning factor. Some people told me yes, others said no in regards to having the door open. If you have the option, go take a look at both cases in person.Go here to compare prices:
  3. I've heard people saying they have the same heat problems with the 350D and 750D as well. This was just posts on the forums, not sure if they went SLI or Xfire. I got the 540 and I'm loving it. Took out the front 2 fans and put in 3 sp120's that I had left over to keep my twin 780s cool. That lack of airflow is what stopped me from getting the 750D or R4, not that I need a tornado in my case while I'm gaming. I just turn them up a little. Still can't really hear them. I do like the looks of the 540 better too.
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