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CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Evo won't fit in case.

I just finished my first gaming build. and im noticing that when i i put the side window panel on the top 4 pipes on the 212 Evo are touching the plastic window... ive gone back a few times and made sure everything is tight as can be on the brackets and the spring screws.

the bottom 4 pipes arent touching so im not owrried about those. when i put on the panel i have to press it down and it makes the 212 evo tilt a little by force.. i dont know what the issue could be. i can get the evo back into place using a little screw driver thorught the top fan vent.

but my main question is will the extra pressure from my case be harmful? and can the 4 pipes touching the window melt my window itsself?

Heres the 2 items.

Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO 82.9 CFM Sleeve Bearing CPU Cooler

NZXT Source 210 S210-001 Black SECC Steel, ABS Plastic ATX Mid Tower Computer Case
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  1. you dont want the cpu cooler touching the window.

    from your description it sounds like you are stressing something. it could be that you are just bending the heat pipes but if you stress the mainboard too much you could cause a problem.

    i would either get a larger case or chance to a different cooler. you could go with a corsair liquid cooler and totally eliminate the issue if you wanted.
  2. the thing with air coolers is that u need to carefully select the case to install them. the 212 Evo is not a gigantic cooler but still if it is causing u issues, i'd say to follow ssddx's advice and get either a bigger case or an AIO liquid cooler such as corsair H100i or a Coolermaster seidon 240m.

    However just out of curiosity, what is ur system config? just want to know as if you require such cooling in the first place.
  3. dont grind down the heatpipes whatever you do.
  4. there must be a way to fix the touching since the top 4 are only touching and the bottom ones arent.

    Im running a fx 8350 that i plan to OC. dont really want to spend 100$ on a cooler.
  5. Gonna try to take the cooler off completely and put it back on. If I can't the top to fit anyone know of a good fan cooler that's around the same price but smaller?
  6. another option would be to get a vertical cooler (air blows down at motherboard) instead of a horizontal cooler (fan blowing to rear of case). generally they are regarded as not being as good however they have less vertical height.

    you can get a liquid cooler for about $50-60

    for examples the h60 which at stock temps runs at about 3c more in temps than the 212evo

    performance chart:,8.html,8.html

    honestly its either get a different heatsink or buy a larger case. i'm not sure why the one side touches and the other doesnt. perhaps the heatsink is bent but if you try and straighten it and break it you are S.O.L.

    if you ordered local you can do either a new case or new heatsink. if you ordered online i would go with a new heatsink since the shipping is cheaper on the heatsink to return it.

    your call though.
  7. Yeah that 212 Evo isnt working out just gonna return for a refund...
    for the moment im just using the stock heatsink until i can get a better one. hows the h55? im leaning towards that one. do you have to change the liquid on it?
  8. the AIO coolers like the h50 are closed loop coolers. They came with coolant factory sealed and last years without any maintenance. I would suggest to go with the h100i its more bang for the buck.
  9. Best answer
    the op however doesnt want to spend the money for a h100i.

    i provided a benchmark showing relative performance of the liquid aio coolers vs common air coolers.

    benchmark containing the h55

    honestly i would go for a dual fan design for better cooling peformance as capricorn suggested since you plan on overclocking but at a minimum i would suggest going with the best cooler you can afford. there are other options besides corsair as well.

    i would suggest a 140mm radiator over a 120.
    i would suggest a dual 120 over a single 140.
    i would suggest a dual 140 over a dual 120.
    the kracken coolers have longer hoses than the corsair ones

    using those recommendations you can move as far up that list as you can while maintaining your budget.

    all in one coolers do not require maintenance.
  10. or simply get a bigger casing and a noctua or phanteks air cooler :)
  11. Could get a Thermalright True Spirit 120M. Shortest 120mm HSF on the market. Its performance is as good as the Cooler Master.
  12. jeffredo said:
    Could get a Thermalright True Spirit 120M. Shortest 120mm HSF on the market. Its performance is as good as the Cooler Master.

    oh my god thank you! i was about to buy a h80i since a h100i wont fit. AND THE H80I WONT FIT! you just saved me in a way :)
  13. You could always put some black sharpie on the pipes that were touching mark and drill some nice smooth hole to accommodate them.
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