External Hard drive reads in Mac and not windows it was originally formatted in windows

Hello everyone

I have one hardrive that will only read in OSX. This is very odd considering I originally formatted my hardrive in Windows. I do not want to reformat my hardrive in windows because I will lose all of my data. I have another backup hardrive I can transfer all of my backup too. What do you suggest I do? Is there any programs out there can help me? Is there a program that I can use to create windows drives in OSX that can work for windows? if you have any suggestions share them with me.

Thank-you for your assistance its always appreciated.
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    Can you write to the drive in OSX? Was the drive formatted as NTFS or FAT32? Mac OSX can read NTFS volumes but cannot write to them, at least not natively.

    As for a program that can handle Mac drives in Windows ...
  2. I tried macdrive and it does not read my hardrive in windows. I can only read my hardrive in macintosh. Is there any free programs I can use for disk recovery?
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