Formatted PC and games are lagging crazy

Hello, I have recently formatted my PC and installed all the device's drivers properly. i updated my GPU and ensured everything else was up to date as far as devices go.

However, every time I attempt to play CS:GO or Dota 2 the game has unbearable lag even on menus. I attempted to check a benchmark test on my GPU and it failed the directx10 at 3 FPS. Everything in my BIOS seems to be fine as far as I know.

However, when I load up Medal of Honor everything seems to run fine.

Prior to formatting I had no issues with any of these games and even played Battlefield 3 on low-medium-- even this game poses an issue on all low.

My specs are as listed:
Win7 Pro 64-Bit
BIOS Ver. 8.00.10
Processor: i5-2500k 3.3Ghz
Memory 8 GB
GPU: ATI Radeon HD 5450

Thank you for your help and please do request for any more information.
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    try uninstalling your drivers, then reinstall, or try older drivers. double check that you are using the proper ones, just to be sure.

    have you tried to benchmanrk before? how about motherboard drivers? check your device managers if everything is ok
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