Internet Keeps Disconnecting and Reconnecting Every 30m-2h for 5-10m

Hello all, I've been having an issue with my internet connection, I am positive that this does not have to do with my provider and instead is a hardware/software problem.

Let me state that I have googled this problem for the past day and could not come up with any *definitive* answers even though there are multiple threads on what is seemingly the same issue that I am having.

My internet was fine until my router was unplugged from the socket yesteday and since then it has been hard to get it to work since. As I said with the title of the thread the problem is, is that my internet connection will drop out and have me unable to reconnect back to the network for 5-10 minutes every hour or so.

At first in the few hours after this happened I was able to reset my router and configure it with a security key and the internet was fine until the next morning when I woke up - then it started cutting out again. I tried to reset and configure it again (which I have already done two times today) and that did nothing to solve the problem.

The router is placed in a location where I have 4-5 bars and is above ground, that is not the problem. The internet will cut out even if different devices are attached to it (PS3 will cut it out, and PC will cut it out) so it is not a certain machine causing the problem.

The Router is a dlink DIR-615 which I have owned for six months with relatively few problems, however, this DIR-615 model is actually a replacement to my other 615 model that had the exact same problem as this (and the only way I could find to fix it was to purchase another router).

I am broke enough to the point where I cant keep buying wireless routers every six months for $50 dollars, is this problem familiar to anyone or can anyone find a fix so I won't have to shell out the money (again) for a new one?

-I have uninstalled my antivirus program which I had thought had a firewall that was causing the issue, however this did not solve the problem.
-I did check the networks logs through my router configuration and I am the only one with access to the network so there is nobody else accessing it causing the problem.
-The signal strength isn't the problem.

I will be replying to all the people who try to help at all, so if you guys need some kind of log or anything I'd be able to provide that.
Also, I don't know too much about routers or internet connections to the point where I understand the terms used around.

Thanks for your help in advance guys.

EDIT: I said that my old DIR-615 had the same problem, but that router worked for well over 3 years before I had to replace it, this router I've had for only six months.
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    check the pins in the socket and the phone line connection in the back of the socket incase something is loose or a pin is bent out of place.
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