Looking for a mouse for gaming.

Right now I'm using a Microsoft 3500 Wireless mouse and its not working for me. I've had it for a few months and put a new battery in it every 2-3 weeks, and it has always felt a little choppy. Occasionally it would spas out and be extremely difficult to control but since I built my new PC and started using a USB wireless adapter its extremely bad. I've been having the biggest problem in BF3, which I may as well be playing at 5 fps on 200 ping when I'm actually somewhere between 80-120 fps and under 70 ping. I did some looking around and found out V sync was a major cause and it seemed to fix it for 5 minutes until it started acting up again, though less extreme.

So long story short, I hate my current battery munching mouse. The fact I'm using a 2.4 GHz wireless adapter probably doesn't help but I had a problem before I had the wireless anyway.

Im thinking of going wired but I really don't know what to look for because nothing is really catching my eye that I can afford. I had a Logitech mobile mouse that was amazing for the6 years iI used it, only problem with it today is the rubber sides are worn down to the point its not comfortable to use anymore so I was thinking maybe the Logitech M525 but because of the Microsoft mouse I'm not sure I want to try wireless again. The only wired mouse that has really caught my eye is the Razer Taipan but that is far more than I am willing to spend.

I also happened across this and I believe that I have a "fingertip grip". I don't know how relevant that is to mouse selection but figured I'd share for good measure.

So any suggestions on a wired mouse with a similar design to the M525 or Taipan? I'm not concerned about extra buttons but it would be nice to have 2-4 extra. I am also used to having a mouse weighed down with one or two batteries so I don't think weight is an issue. I would like to keep the cost under 30, 40 at the absolute most.
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  1. i have a razer deathadder 3.5g and its brilliant, it has no acceleration or decceleration issues in the sensor and is very accurate and responsive and can be used in finger or palm grip easily.

    i often swap between finger and palm depending on what im doing.

    i was using wireless mice before i went to wired again and the difference is massive tbh. also the mouse is lighter without having batteries in it which is always nicer on the wrist.
  2. I do like the look of that one as well, however its still out of my price range... if there's nothing worth getting in for what I have, I might have to wait until I get some more disposable income.

    Also the battery weight has never bothered me. Never had sore fingers or wrist even after the 12-16 hour gaming days I'd have when I was in high school.
  3. there is the razer abyssus, it has the same sensor as the deathadder but does not come with side buttons and is cheaper and the same shape and size.
  4. By choppy I mean it would skip, I can move it at a constant speed and it will move at the right speed across the screen and sometimes start skipping spaces. I have tried multiple mouse pads, table, and various other surfaces and it will do it regardless of the surface. I use the PlayStation 3D Display (not sure if its technically a TV or monitor). The only wireless devices within 10 feet of my PC are the mouse, my phone and the USB wireless adapter. The mouse did have the issue before I got the adapter, I used it on my laptop before I got the parts for my desktop and it did the same thing but not quite as bad. The adapter isn't the cause of the issue but there is no doubt in my mind that its a contributing factor. I'm not sure if I'll get a chance today but if I do I'll hop on bf3, turn vsync on and record (vsync increases the problem so it would be very easy to record.

    Also changing the battery ever 2-4 weeks is just wrong... my old Logitech would go 4-6 months before I had to change them, and this is advertised as having an 8 moth battery life. Just to answer before its asked, I've tried energizer, Duracell, rayovac and finally just went to Costco and bought a huge pack of Kirkland because at this rate I'll need all 60 of them.
  5. sounds like you are most likely getting interference from an outside source if its jumps every now and then.
  6. Unfortunately there is no getting rid of interference, although my old Logitech never had that issue. But I didn't post this to troubles shoot ( although I do appreciate it) I am looking to replace it with a wired mouse that would not have the issue. I'm afraid for the purposes of this thread, the abyssus is still too high, I also wasn't intending on going Razer, only pointing out a mouse that I liked the design of, sorry if playing a Razer mouse was misleading.
  7. how much are you looking to pay for a mouse?
  8. Preferably under $30 but up to $40.
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  10. I always forget to check amazon lol. Thanks.
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