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I continue to read articles on needing to match graphics cards exactly when trying to SLI. What i would like to know is how true is this. Can i get away with a FTW and a SC or an SC with a regular. how would i go about finding the exact model if i no longer have the manual or box?
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  1. It actually doesn't have to be THAT exact, you don't really need to look into it too much.

    Most graphics cards will work absolutely fine together, a 2GB 680 from EVGA will work with a 2GB 680 from PNY.

    You can't however, from what I understand, match a 2GB 680 with a 4GB 680.

    If you've got the same model number and the same amount of RAM, you should be good to go.
  2. You used to be able to SLi cards with different amounts of VRAM, the system would just use the lowest amount so a 2GB card and a 4GB card in SLi would be seen as two 2GB cards.
  3. Thanks for all your help guys. You are all amazing for having answered so quickly. Now to find a card that matches for as little $ as possible
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