I want to upgrade my 3-4 year old computer(overall budget 800$)

i'm looking to buy a new graphics/CPU motherboard at a medium-high price and i'm not that informed with motherboards and CPUs and i'd rather not get scammed by the salesperson :( i'm thinking about buying the 6670 AMD graphic card but i'm open to suggestions, i plan on buying 2-4 ram :P i've been running with 2 ram :.( i have a weak duel core and a gt 9800 graphic but my graphic memory died so i'll buy a new one and and maybe a quad core not sure if i want a 6 anyway feel free to suggest any other components that would go well. Mostly a gaming comp.
I'd like to fix it up this week 1-3 three days from now! i'm from Serbia ordering isn't a problem, open to crossfire. not buying monitor, i have a 22 inch screen and i'm happy :P. atm i'm on a laptop because of the graphic issue
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