Static electricity freezes pc

Hello guys, I built my gaming pc about 1 month ago and since then I've been suffering of what i thought were "random" freezes. I tested my Ram with memtest and no errors showed up. My hard drive as well. Now, something really weird happened yesterday and I finally realized why it freezes but IDK how to solve it.

Here's what happened: I had been playing for about 1.5 hours with no problem, but right when I stand up to go get something, I get a tiny shock from my keyboard tray and the pc freezes, having to reboot it. I thought I'd hit the tower by accident but I've tried moving it, kicking it softly, and I can't seem to replicate the situation so we can take "movement" out of the equation. The freezing also happens sometimes when plugging something into the front panel or, in rare ocasions, when touching the case directly.

All my components are connected to my surge protector which I assume is grounded, since it has two lights: one lit up which says "protected" and the other one is off, which says "not grounded". I would assume that since the second isn't lit, it means everything should be grounded, right? Also, this happens MORE often when my AC is on.

Here's a picture of my setup so you can see what I mean.

Please guys, i need help really quick, or one of these days I'll fry my mobo.
Thanks :)
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    some wall plug aren't grounded (bad and cheap labor when making the house/condo, etc...) I've seen this a lot in my old room, my screen was flickering and touching my keyboard = need to unplug and replug it as it was disconnected and not working anymore (Logitech G510)

    Once i moved, all my PC work fine, no more flickering on the screen and no more keyboard disconnecting issues...

    I would try another wall socket just to see if that reproduce...
  2. I will try that, but I still can't understand how the system freezes if my Mobo is grounded by the standoffs.
  3. netorincon said:
    I will try that, but I still can't understand how the system freezes if my Mobo is grounded by the standoffs.

    It's not grounded, if you have no ground in the PSU plug, nothing is grounded...
  4. That makes sense, but also, do you think the surge protector is giving a bad.reading? Because the light that says "not grounded" is not lit.
  5. Ok, I connected my power surge to the outlet in another room, I'll report back if I get satisfactory results.
    What I was thinking is that mybe the outlets in this room (it's a little side room, that's why it has tile) are so old that the electricians didn't bother changing the wiring and just made false grounds.
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