Re-Formatting Old 4TB Drive in new Windows 8 PC

Hey Guys,

I've just built up a new system running Windos 8. I have a SSD for OS and applications and will use a 4TB HDD for storage. The 4TB drive was originall formatted as GTP on a windows 7 machine. Now in the machine running 8, in the disk management section I can not reformat the drive. The drive is recognized but I can not change it in any way. When I right click over the drive the menue pops up but I can not select anyothe fomat/reformat options. Any idea as to what to do to wipe and rermat the drive in windos 8?


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  1. Make sure that the account you're logged in as is an administator
  2. How about delete drive or delete partition.
  3. No Luck....

    I navigate through control panel to systems and security then to administrative tools then to create and format HD partitions...
    From there I see the drive, which is recognized as disk 1, basic at 3726.02GB. The drive is partitioned in two, a 2040GB healthy GTP protective partition and an unallocated space of 1678GB. Neither partition will allow any modification when I try to right click. Again, the window with prompts will open on right click, but I cant choose any of the line items...

    Id be happy just completely refomatting and starting over but I cant seem to do so.

    All help is appreciated.

  4. Try booting to your Windows 8 disc and using it to format the partition. Otherwise you can try something like PartitionMagic to help.
  5. I'm a bit of a newb here....

    When I boot to the disc it wants to reinstall the OS.
    I'm not familiar with the program you list.

    Care to walk me through the process?


  6. Best answer
    I don't have Windows8 installed or a disc handy. Try installing and running this software it looks pretty straight-forward
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