[Solved] Possible dead motherboard/other componant?


Today I was looking through what my motherboard could run, it's capable of running dual channel RAM on 1600Mhz, when I looked into my Bios, it was only set to 1333Mhz. I decided to up the RAM to 1600Mhz (the RAM is 2x4GB (8 Total) Kingston Beast 1600Mhz. That all saved, when the PC restarted, it didn't boot.

When the PC boots, it beeps and then it does everything else a PC does. This time it didn't, there's no way to get to the Bios, it doesn't even output a signal.

So my question is, have I effectively destroyed my motherboard? I tried it with another module of RAM however that didn't change anything.

Thanks :)
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    Just CMOS reset(depending on mobo, the process is different check your manual). it wipes all hardware settings to factory clocks
  2. make sure when setting your ram to 1600 to set your timings manually, some boards will not detect the correct settings for them
  3. Thanks, got it :)
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