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Well, I just installed an SSD (Mushkin Chronos Deluxe 240GB), and the system is now very snappy. The problem is that windows 7 is caching far too much RAM. I have 6GB installed, but I checked Task Manager mere seconds after a restart and nearly a gig was cached already. After several hours, and about thirty minutes of constant use, over 3GB is cached. That, in addition to the used ram left me with less than 100MB of free RAM. Before anyone asks, prefetch and superfetch are both disabled. This is really a problem, because after a few hours of use, the system gets very slow due to re-shuffling ram all the time. Any ideas would be most appreciated.
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  1. Caching RAM is not a problem. Free RAM is wasted RAM.
  2. How big is the page file? I think that is supposed to be disabled on SSD's, but not exactly sure on that.
  3. Win 7 manages RAM quite well. There is no need to change or edit any default settings, you will only cause issues. If you have an ssd, 16 gig is the sweet spot for installed memory. Your page file should be diabled by default, or located on secondary mechanical drive.
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    Cached ram doesn't get reshuffled it gets overwritten so has no affect on performance. Cache does nothing but good, increasing your performance by already having the files in ram before you even need it. Unless you were confusing this with used ram, you should try to find out what is really causing the slow downs.
  5. Wow, that was fast. I think you all have cleared up the issue. If I understand correctly, cached memory is not fully used in the sense that it would impede programs trying to use the same memory addresses. Also, the page file is disabled. I think I'll look into getting more ram though.
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