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Replacement battery for alienware M14x

I paid $1400 for an alienware m14x laptop. Now after 2 years of use the battery is no good. Now Dell is telling me they do not carry any replacement batteries. Could anyone please tell me where i could find a new battery ? Thanks.
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  2. COLGeek said:

    Thank you so much, i thought i wasted my money on this laptop! Thanks again, Matthew.
  3. You are welcome. Laptop batteries don't last forever. I have replaced many over the years.

    Good luck!
  4. I've had my m14x for 2 years now, and I just replaced my battery for the 2nd time, so I' now on my 3rd battery, apparently these are terrible batteries! Originally I looked all over the internet to find a US dealer that had them, most were shipped from China and were going to take 30 days to get to me. This was last year when the warranty had just expired on my M14x. I didn't know to check the battery status all the time, when it was plugged in, I thought it was charging, but apparently it wasn't. The battery went totally dead, and I was pretty desperate to replace it. I searched all over for a US dealer, and paid over $100 for it, plus lots for express shipping, probably about $125 in total, maybe more. This time, when I saw that my battery was not charging, I knew it was going bad again, and to my surprise Amazon had a dealer that I was able to get it thru my Amazon Prime membership and paid 1 day shipping. hope that helps you out.
  5. That one listed say the M11x, so not sure it would work for the M14x.
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