Ethernet port problem

I've been having this problem with my ethernet port on my motherboard for the past year and today I am posting about it in hopes of getting a solution for it.

The motherboard that I have is a M4A89TD PRO/USB3. The problem that I'm having with my port is that every time I shut down the computer and try to turn back it on, the ethernet port doesn't light up. In addition, my ethernet driver (LAN Connection) won't even show up if I were to boot up to the desktop. But if I restart my computer, it works. If I want to shut off my computer and have my ethernet working every time, I have to turn off the power supply completely after the computer has been shut off and turn it back on when I want to turn on the computer.

The first year that I was using this board, there was nothing wrong with it. The problem appeared somewhere in between the years. I'm not sure what triggered it. I have downloaded the latest drivers from the ASUS site, but nothing has solved this problem.

Other PC Specs:
Windows 7 Ultimate x64
AMD 965
2x2gb g.skill RAM
650w corsair psu
5870 gpu
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  1. sounds like it could be a bios issue, i would check for a newer bios than the one you have and update it to the latest.
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    I have two suggestions. First I would completely remove the lan port from the Device manager. Then shut down the computer and reboot. On reboot it should show new hardware found. Get it to search the net for a driver. If it does not find one then use the one currently on your computer.
    Secondly, if that does not work I would go an buy a pci ad-in ethernet card and disable the internal one in Bios.
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