Can my psu handle nvidia gtx 650 ti boost?

I have a cooler master thunder 550w and I want to know if it could handle nvidia gtx 650 ti boost.
I heard this brand was bad but i can't change it.
PC specs:
i5-3570 3.4 GHz
8gb ram ddr3 1600mhz(1 stick)
1 HDD(Western Digital WD2500AAKX 250GB)
p8h77-m pro
gt 430(my current card)
Thanks in advance!!!
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  1. "Can my psu handle nvidia gtx 650 ti boost?"

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    Thermal and Power Specs:
    97 C - Maximum GPU Temperature (in C)
    134 W - Maximum Graphics Card Power (W)
    450 W - Minimum System Power Requirement (W)4
    One 6-pin - Supplementary Power Connectors
  3. But i heard it had fake wattage.
  4. Well, thanks anyway but I would be glad if you could tell me whether there will be problems or not
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