Asus GTX 770 and SeaSonic X-650 (650W Modular) PSU

Hi, need some clarification,
Asus says this GPU needs 6+8 pin PCIe power.
My merchant says the X-650 has 4x 6+2 pin and no 6 or 8 pins (PCI-E) connectors.
SeaSonic website doesn't list connectors or I can't seem to find them.
Googling says it either has a 6+8 PCIe or it doesn't. I'm confused.
I've been told that I can use the 6+2 pins as 6+8 no problem. Is this true?
Could someone help me out?
I'm from Europe by the way.
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    YOu are fine. 6+2 connectors equal 8pins.
  2. Ah. Cool, thanks.
  3. enjoy!
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