desktop not filling screen after installing drivers (powercolor radeon hd7770)

I put together a low end gaming machine and i am having issues with the correct video card driver. on start-up windows 7 ultimate installed the standard VGA graphics adapter and it looks fine. once i install the correct driver the screen changes and i end up with about one inch of blank screen surrounding the desktop, this is using hdmi. also, dvi stops working after windows splash screen after installing the correct driver. the dvi issue isn't a bid deal since i can use hdmi. downloaded and installed the driver from both amd and powercolor with the same results. system specs: AMD X4 750K, ASRock FM2A75M-DGS R2.0, 1x 8GB GSkill ddr3-1866, powercolor radeon hd7770 ghz ed., Acer X213H monitor. any ideas? someone mentioned to me the idea of updating the firmware on the video card but have been unsuccessful at finding any additional info on this possibility. Also, how big a deal is it to have the correct driver installed if the generic windows driver seems to be working ok? I also updated the MB Bios to 1.50 which I believe is the current version.
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    For the HDMI, go to your CCC, go to my flat panels, and there is a scaling and overscan option in there. Set that to fill it. common problem at HDMI.
  2. the Amd control panel thingy.
  3. Found CCC but it won't let me completely eliminate the black framing. when i bring the scaling to 0 the screen goes blank.

    i'm back on dvi using generic drivers. i think i'll look through the dvi issue posts before posting regarding my dvi issue.
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