Need help building a gaming system between 900 -1000 US $

Hello, I'm coming to you guys with another question. I'm trying to build a system with the 8 core procesor from AMD. This is the link to the specified product :
I would like assistance with getting a motherboard, video-card, RAM memories, HDD , Power source and a case compatible.
The system I'm trying to spend my money on needs to smoothly run current gen games and future ones too. Thanks in advance
ps. Wold be helpful to get all the products from tigerdirect. thanks
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  1. Hey, not really. Im stationed in Germany now, so ill need a company that ships the products here. tiger direct is not a must...just used that for a ref. for the processor. If you got anything else that could be better than that processor im opened for suggestions. Thanks
  2. Ill just need a legit , silent case.
    How much more would a Copy of win7 cost ?
  3. I think i could afford that. Yes put it in please :)
  4. Thank you very much sir
  5. Can I add a SATA- Hdd to this setup?
  6. I think i forgot one thing. If i buy all these parts from the states...will they come in dual-volatage....because here we use 220v
  7. Thanks for your time. Appreciate it man !
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