HIS HD 7770 - Strange Problem

Hi Everyone :)

I have got a very strange problem, I will try to describe it in detail, so please bear with me.

I had purchased a Graphics Card (HIS HD 7770) and a power supply with that (Cooler Master GX 550 Bronze). Now the issues I am facing are really driving me nuts, the following are the scenarios I am encountering and I humbly request someone who can direct me to a solution

1) When I turn on the PC, the graphic card's fan just starts the moment i turn the PC on but immediately stops after that, that of course does not give display as well

2) I turn the PC on and the graphic card's card is running at the usual speed but there is no display at all.

3) When I face issue number one, I switch off the power supply and then turn it back on and then power on my PC, which results in either scenario one or two.

4) The Graphics works flawlessly giving the proper display and no issues for days and on some days it just creates the problems stated above.

Just now I had turned off my PC and everything was working fine, I took a break for about 45 mins, came back and tried to turn on my PC, only to face the scenarios mentioned in 1 and 2

The monitor goes to sleep and it does not detect any display connected. I use HDMI for the connection.

Would highly appreciate if the community can provide a solution and let me know what is going on here.

Thank You.

Update: Thanks for the replies, I had my PC off for about 30 mins due to the problem stated above, came back and tried turning it on again and it working again and I did not do anything to it.

Thanks for the replies, I have doubled checked to make sure that there were no loose connections and even took out the graphic card and installed it back in to make sure it was seated perfectly. Although it working now but I am sure will be facing those issues at any point.
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  1. try reinstalling the drivers, or put it out the computer and in again.
    maybe the PSU-power isn't connected properly.
    or it could be a defect display or HDMI cable.
    I should try the drivers first.
    Good luck with it.
  2. Sounds like a possible connection problem.
    Make sure the GPU is completely seated and make sure all PSU connections are in tight
  3. Took out the GPU, the RAMs and even the AC supply, plugged them back in double checking to make sure every thing is seated perfectly but the same issues. No Display :(

    When powering on the PC, the graphic card's fan sometimes stops and sometimes its spinning normally but either way there is no display, sometimes I even get beep when turning on the system but not all the time. It was working yesterday as I said so in my update but today when i got back from work, same old problem,

    Would appreciate some help from someone experienced in this.
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