Can I play Crysis 3 on my laptop ?

Friends, I want to play Crysis 3 but I'm worried if my laptop can run it or not ? My laptop can play Battlefield 3 smoothly without any problems, So I was wandering If I can play Crysis 3 the same way ? my laptop specs are
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  1. You can go here and find out
  2. Yes but not on max settings ofc
    And if you want to know it 100% sure download a demo and test it, because it should run on my comp, which barely has the min gpu requirements, but it doesn't.
  3. kurjack said:
    You can go here and find out

    To be honest, I don't trust that site much.. cause I checked it and it says yeah I can play but I doubt cause I wasn't able to play some other games they said I can.
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    sorry me, your gpu is weak for that,you cant run it smoothly,here is some details for you
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