computer boots up goes to windows logo and red screen then monitor loses signal

HI as i said my computer boots up goes to windows logo and red screen then after 5 secs monitor loses signal plz help, is my gpu dead? i have checked my monitor with other pc its fine! i have reseted all my overclock's,and when the screen goes red the gpu fan gets LOUD
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    You may have a problem with the driver in windows for the card.
    The best way to confirm this is to load windows in safe mode.
    If the pc works fine, and you do not get a red screen like you say.
    Uninstall the video driver in safe mode.
    Restart, and load into normal windows mode and re install the video driver.

    If you get the same result, then it may be likely the card is overheating.
    At that point I would strip the cooler off, give it a clean, and clean all the old thermal paste off the gpu die. Then apply some more thermal paste, clamp it back together and re test.

    The last reason as to a red screen can indicate a power problem, when the video driver loads the card requires slightly more power, so the Psu may be the cause.
  2. sounds like a driver issue. Can you boot to your Desktop in Safe Mode?
  3. Hi Guys, I have a similar problem. I have a dual monitor setup on Gigabyte HD 6670 GPU on ASUS M3A78-EM mobo - LCD (VGA) and projector (HDMI). LCD always works fine. Projector says NO Signal after windows start to load. Projector works fine in safe mode. As recommended above, I uninstalled the GPU drivers. Projector worked fine. When I reinstalled the drivers, problem reappeared. Please note I am connecting the projector thru Monoprice HDMI WALL Plate extender. Thanks for your help.
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