Will this computer build work?

So this is my first time building a computer and I'm still feeling uncertain about the parts I'm planning to order. First of all I found this PSU and right now it is very cheap but in the title it says compatible with all versions of sandy bridge and I am planning on getting an i5 ivy bridge cpu. So will this psu work with everything else I have picked out?

Now this is everything I have picked out(not including a screen) and I was wondering if all of it would work together and is there any thing I can save money on, and will everything work when ever it is complete(not including the gpu)?

I was thinking about a smaller case and possibly a different mobo but I would like to have room to expand when I get more money
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    Actually with that money you can have something much better, maybe something like this:

    Case: there's no reason for a Full Tower case, a mid tower is enough.

    PSU: Corsair is a better brand of psu's, and this one will let u also do some overclocking if u want.

    SSD: 32 gb aren't enough for a boot drive, with 90 gb you can do much more, for a good price

    Ram: you can use mine or yours, but with this configuration you don't need a lot of speed in te ram, and a ram 20$ cheaper is always good.

    Cpu cooler: That cooler is enormous and a 212 evo will do almost the same job for less price and size.

    GPU: This one will take your games to the stars, is much better than the gtx 650 ti and with my build you rest in budget.

    Hope it was usefull ;D
  2. A few questions, are you planning to overclock or add a second video card at some time? If not, the Antec PSU would be fine. Perhaps sub both PSU's with this corsair unit:

    It's a little cheaper and you don't have to bank on getting your rebate card from the manufacturer in 2 months.

    Another point of saving could be a different case unless you are set on the look of the RaidMax. I've used this case: in a number of builds. It looks pretty clean and allows for direct airflow from the front of the case, over a hard drive in the drive cage and to the CPU cooler and then out the exhaust fan, really aiding in your CPU cooling. You could add a fan on the side panel to get some more air to your GPU as well, all with staying under the price of the Raidmax case. There are many case options that will help you save money and get you better cooling performance.

    You can cut cost a bit more by getting rid of the small SSD cache drive. The HDD will operate pretty quickly for games. Another option is spend ~30-40 more and get a good 128gb SSD that you can actually put your OS and games on and use the regular HDD for storage and programs that don't matter if they load fast.

    Another option is take the money from the SSD cache and put it toward a better GPU which will yield much more noticeable performance in game than an SSD ever could.

    You can find Radeon 7950's in the ~$200 range very regularly right now which would blow the 650ti out of the water and give you a good amount of overclocking capability on the video card itself, giving you even more performance.
  3. I concur with NexusNick, it is an excellent build.

    Except for the power supply. The Corsair builder series is great for budget builds, but I would recommend a more quality part such as XFX 550W or 650W. That OCZ Modstream actually isn't that bad either. And your Antec selection is one of the better manufacturers of power supplies.

    It is the central component to the computer. Don't skimp on it if you don't have to.
  4. Actually if u prefer it u can use Xfx, i haved it from my last build and it was a very good performer.
  5. All of these answers helped me pick out better parts. Thank you all so much :D
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