How many watts power supply?

I recently built my computer here are some specs.
intel i5 2500k
noctua l91 cpu cooler
xfx radeon 7770
gigabyte z68 mobo
and a 1 tb hdd
and a 500 watts corsair psu
1 200mm fan & 3 120mm fan

Now if I wanted to replace the cpu cooler with a noctua d14. and add an extra 200mm. Will that be over my 500 watts corsair? And also im overclocking my cpu to 4.1 ghz and hopefully with a new cpu cooler I can overclock more.
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  1. your psu will easily cope with that system.
  2. You can hold onto that PSU until you decide to change that VGA or add another one. Until then, 500W is enough.
  3. I just recently got another xfx radeon 7770. now I want to crossfire would that psu still be safe and enough
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    Should be ok, just put it in the system and try it.
  5. but I oc my cpu to 4.4 ghz and my gpu. if I oc both gpu and my cpu would by psu still handle it?
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