TV tuner Winfast tv2000 xp expert with win7x64 - PS2 image flickering

Hello all,

I am trying to hook up a play station2 with this kind of TV tuner: Winfast tv2000 xp expert.
My hardware setup was to plug in an adapter like this in the tv tuner, and then the yellow RCA male plug from the PS2 into the adapter.

I have win7 x64, and tried this driver for the tuner: win7 x64 build 7600.16385 WHQLed driver v6.0.109.7002 (21.10.2009)
and this application: WinFastPVR2_setup_20348 - application - win7 x64.

All seems fine, but when I run the program and select the CVBS source (PS2 source) the image is all blurry, out of focus and flickering. image sample here:

What seems here the problem? The drivers?

Please assist!

Any help is appreciated,


I tried the PS2 on a TV, and it worked perfectly.
Also I plugged in the tuner's yellow adapter a digital camera, to see if it has any blurrings, flickerings, but as I watched it the live feed on the monitor, it was also perfect.

So I am baffled, what could be the problem here.
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  1. SOLVED:

    I figured it out. After installin the Dscaler application I noticed that I can switch the video standard from NTSC to PAL, because I live in Europe.

    So this was the initial problem: THE VIDEO STANDARD!!!
    This thread can be closed now.
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