USB BIOS FLashback problem

I am installing a brand new motherboard on a brand new build.

I've followed these steps:

1. Download the capconverterutility.rom

2. Renamed that to P9X79.ROM

3. Put the P9X79.ROM onto a sandisk cruiser 16 gb reformatted for FAT32. The file is on the root.

3. Plugged in my PSU and turned it on (not the whole system, just the PSU)

4. Insert USB and hold down USB BIOS flashback button until it starts blinking.

5. Let go and blue light becomes solid.

The solid blue light is not a good thing. It means it didn't work. The instructions say if the light goes solid it's something wrong with the file or the USB. Do you think a 16gb flash drive is too large for USB BIOS flashback?

Everything is plugged in except video card, drives, and memory. I've followed everything else to a T so I can't figure out what's wrong.
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  1. Wow
    1) Download & save bios
    2) extract zip
    3) copy & paste the (extracted) cap. file (only) to the usb
    4) Insert & push the flash back button
  2. ur6beersaway said:
    1) Download & save bios
    2) extract zip
    3) copy & paste the (extracted) cap. file (only) to the usb
    4) Insert & push the flash back button

    Did you read my post at all? It's a new build with a new motherboard. My motherboard defaults with a .rom. That needs to be converted to .cap first.

    That's why I need to do the capconverterutility.rom. Your solution doesn't help me unless you have further information that I do not know.
  3. General Question to everyone:

    Can you update the BIOS without the memory plugged in?
  4. Best answer
    From your first post, it seems you didn't download a BIOS file at all. You say you renamed a BIOS converter utility tool which is not a BIOS file.

    You should determine the BIOS the motherboard shipped with. The BIOS version is the last 4 numbers on a very thin white sticker (bar code ) on the extreme right hand edge of the board, next to the SATA ports or the 24 pin ATX power. If your board shipped with BIOS 1203 or earlier you will have to flash the BIOS converter tool first. Then onto flashing BIOS version 2002.
  5. Thanks for the numbers to look for. My bios version was already updated enough, apparently, that I didn't have to really do anything. I guess I jumped the gun.

    The bios version number was what I needed to see.
  6. If you read the manual , under bios flashback - there is a certain USB port you are up posed to use - it also says to rename the bios file to CPT or something silly and random like that before copying it to the USB flash disk .

    I repeat. :
    Step 1 - identify the correct port (check user manual which one)

    Step 2 : rename and copy to USB

    Step 3 : power off system and press ROG flashback button for 3 seconds until flashing light appears

    Step 4 : wait till flash goes away

    Hope it helps
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