No Display Powercolor AMD HD 7850 on MSI MS-7778(Jasmine) Window 7

Ok so here is the problem I have. I bought a Powercolor AMD HD 7850 video card to upgrade my HD 6670. When I install the new card, the fan goes on but I see nothing. I cant even see anything with onboard graphics enabled. If I put the old card back in, everything works. I'm on my second HD7850 card in case it was the card but that doesn't seem to be the case. I've seen fixes related to this but they have all been for windows 8 and the fix (disable secure boot) doesn't appear to be an option I have in my bios. I have a MSI-7778(Jasmine) MB with an AMD Quad Core A10 processor. I have a Coolmax 600w power supply so power isn't the issue. I feel like its a BIOS setting but the BIOS on this thing sucks at best and I cant figure out what needs to be changed. Any clues? Oh and I called AMD and HP both were worthless and said it should work.


HP Pavillion P7-1241
Motherboard MSI-MS-7778 Jasmine PCIx16 2.0 slot
AMD A10 Quad Core Processor
Upgraded 600w Power Supply
Current video card: AMD HD 6670
New video card (not working): AMD HD 7850
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  1. Is the 6/8 pin power cable plugged in? I had a similar issue before with my 4870 where I realised that I had not plugged in the 6 pin power.
  2. did you ever get it working ? I have the same problem.
  3. No I never got it working. I tried 2 video cards in case it was DOA. I spoke with the motherboard and video card manufactures. On paper per all the involved companies said it should have worked it just doesn't. My guess is it's a motherboard compatibility issue.
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