System wont turn on the first try, only motherboard led turns on

So I built my PC about a year ago and things have ran well. Yesterday I went to turn on my PC and the fan LEDs flashed and then went out but nothing else turned on except the leds on my MSI motherboard (no fans, no hdd noise, no psu fan, no case leds). I tried to turn the pc on using the power button built on the motherboard which worked after a few presses. The case power button will still reset and shutdown the pc, but it will not turn on the pc from a cold start. The machine ran normal once it was turned on, ran Heavenly a few times then played a good 6 hours of BF3.
I did re-seat all of my hardware and connectors, except my cpu because I don't have thermal compound.

The hardware is 1000watt PC Power & Cooling PSU, I5 2500k, 2x HD 6950, MSI Z77-GD65, 4x Avexir 2gb Ram

I removed all hardware and case connections except 1 stick of memory( tried all 4 individually) and the cpu. Now it will turn on for about 1 second, then turn off for about 5 seconds, then back on like normal. I do not have an alternate PSU or motherboard to try but I do have a high end multi-meter, is there anything I can test to confirm what the issue is?
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    Solved - after going through this guide I was still having issues. I went through it all a second time just in case I was just making a mistake along the way. When I got to step 21 the second time I decided to just flash the bios again and that seems to be what fixed it. I am not sure why resetting it didn't work but I am glad it works now.
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