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Hi, so I was going to ask this question on PlayStation forums, but for some reason I can't create a post. So you as you probably read in the title I'm looking for a good small size 1080p tv for gaming, specifically ps3, and by small I mean like 22-24". And you guys probably know what a good gaming TV needs to have like 60HZ refresh rate and a good response time, but yeah if you know what I'm talking about can you suggest a good gaming tv for under $200? And ive seen some on Amazon but i dont know if theyre good or not, so yeah. And my games look like total crap on my old CRT tube TV. Thanks :)
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    I highly recommend the BenQ Monitors which are sposored by MLG (Major League Gaming). They are the highest quality gaming monitors you can get, all for a reasonable price. The retail price for a 24" is around $220 w/ free shipping. In addition, you can hook up your console to it. I'm fairly confident that you cannot watch TV on these monitors, but I am not 100% sure. Here's the link for monitor:
    You can also go on TigerDirect as they have them in stock, and it may be cheaper then Amazons final price. Hope I could help.
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