First Build, Parts Check, Any Good?

Hey everyone, I am looking to do my first PC build. I found a nice package deal on and was wondering if it would be a good PC. I would like to use this computer for gaming and basic everyday use (like writing papers and things like that). The games that I am looking to play on it are Battlefield, Call of Duty, Garry's Mod, and maybe DayZ (if the graphics card is good enough). The cost is $600 before shipping.

Parts are as followed:
AMD FX-8350 Vishera Eigh-Core CPU, BIOSTAR AM3+ AMD 970 MOBO, G.SKILL 8GB MEM, XFX Radeon HD 7770 1GB, Seagate 1TB HDD, Rosewill 700W PSU, LG 24X DVD Burner, Rosewill Blackhawk Gaming Case

Thanks for viewing,
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