Need help beetween the GTX 650 and the GTX 650 Ti

They have a $5 difference and the plain 650 is 1GB but the 650 Ti is 2GB and the 650 Ti has lower MHz on he core clock and I'm not to sure what that means. So I would just like some help and clarification between the two. Thanks.

P.S. They're both from ASUS.

GTX 650:

GTX 650 Ti:
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  1. The Ti should be faster than the 650.
  2. Hello... if you post the model #'s, we can help you through the technicals... "Buyer Beware"
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    The Ti version may have a bit lower core clock speed, but it has double the shaders and texture units. Generally, It performs MUCH better than the non-Ti version(the Ti BOOST 2GB is even better, though).
  4. The 650 Ti Boost 2GB makes all cards from $125-200 irrelevant .... way betetr bang for the buck

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