i5 4670k vs i7 3770k+ radeon 7970, which is better for max setting gaming at 1920x1080 and recording narration with fraps?

I am a serious gamer for youtube, and i want to max out all games while recording and get at least 50fps. Which is better? I will be rendering and recording a lot. If i get the i5 4670k, i can get an ssd, if i get i7 3770k, i'd have to wait a bit to save for ssd. Gaming will be at 1920x1080 and recording narration non livestream. i have a 525 wat coolermaster extreme psu so i dont have much room for high end stuff.
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  1. The i5-4670k should be the processor for this job and will be what you need to do what you want.
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