Faulty MOBO causes heating issues in other components?

Hi all and it is just a mere question for only knowledge. Recently my MOBO, a G41-VGS3/G41M-VS3, died. To sum it up, screen froze, forced restart and since then never booted.

I just ordered a ordered the same MOBO just to have a working pc and (pushing it a bit) decent computer with a CPU (Pentium e5700) and a GPU (Radeon HD 6750).

My questions are:

- Does or can a faulty MOBO cause increase heat in these components?

- My CPU bottlenecks my GPU but does it somehow harm my MOBO?

- Is a 50C temp while gaming good, decent, bad or horrible for a MOBO?

The reason im asking these questions its because im worried sick that it might harm my GPU (Temps are around 41C iddle and with load 50C-60C, and even 70C)

Thanks in advance for your responses.
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  1. 50C=good 70C=bad 90C=horrible/crashes
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