Acer Aspire v3-772G vs Lenovo Ideapad Y500 (i5)

I know that the Lenovo ideapad is well received around these parts but I can't find the i7 version in Canada anymore.

These are the 2 models in question :

I prefer the Acer for it's bigger screen and Haswell i7, but will going from the 650m sli to the 760m offset those gains?

The i5 y500 doesn't seem to exist outside of Canada so I don't know much about its performance.
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    Well that is quite a jump in graphics performance. The 760M will perform worse than the two others, but it will still be really good graphics. I would personally go with the i7 at this point. The graphics are still excellent and to me having better CPU is more important.

    However if you can, on Amazon try looking up the y510p. They will delieve in Mexico so I am amazed if they don't deliever in Canada. They should have a model around $1000 that is the i7 Haswell version of the y500p, it also has two 750m's so its the better choice.

    The y500p like you are looking at does exist outside of Canada, it is last years version of the y510p. I am surprised you cannot find more information on it.
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