[EVGA] 1x GTX 780 SC or 2x GTX 770 SC?

- I want to buy those at the end of this year on holiday sale off events, which day should I make purchase for the best possible deal?
- My PSU is a Corsair AX 760i, would that be enough to run two GTX 770 SC (with a i7 3770K @ 4.9Ghz cooled with an H100i, 8Gb DDR3 @ 2133Mhz, a HDD and an SSD, plus a SB Titanium sound card)?
- I plan to put no additional OC on those cards, what temperature would two GTX 770 SC produce during full load, in a 550D silent case? (with all fan slots filled with silent Corsair fans)
- Would a Z77 MPOWER motherboard have enough space for two GTX 770 SC? (with a sound card attached in PCI-E slot)
- How big (dimensions) are two GTX 770 SC unboxed and boxed? (it's hard to ask people bring over sized packages over sea)
- My purpose is to do 2d surround, as what I read from those reviews, one GTX 780 SC seems to be only barely sufficient, two GTX 770 SC would do better, but would it be MUCH better, or just slightly (because the 780 has 3GB while 770 2GB), would it be worth the extra cost ($820 vs $660) and how about power consumption?
- Other than EVGA, from which else vendor should I buy? (I'm currently running a MSI GTX680 Lightning and pretty pleased, I had no good experience with ASUS)

Thanks for reading, any help is greatly appreciated!
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  1. mazooni said:
    Everything is fine you can run 770sli and 1 gtx 780 on that psu but I would recommend going for ax860i. For the choice of your 780 or 77 sli its your choice this is a link that will help you choose performance wise.

    Thanks for replying!

    But that comparison seems not 100% correct. It says 770 SLI has 6144 MB but I cannot find a 3GB version of this card, also I have read that SLI does not add two card's RAM up, but only can utilize one card's.
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