What's better for me: AMD FX 8350 or intel i5 3570

Hi, i'm looking to build a gaming computer and was wondering which of these processors would be best. Benchmark tests i've found online seem to put the i5 a little better than the AMD, but would this be noticeable?

At the moment i'm considering the AMD with the following motherboard and psu:

Asus M5A78L-M/USB3 Motherboard

Corsair Builder Series CX 500 Watt

The i5 is about £10 more, but would this need a more expensive motherboard?
Also is this psu acceptable for the more power hungry AMD processor?

Thanks for the advice, is this motherboard more compatible the AMD FX 8350?

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    if you want to do more than jsut gaming the i5 will save you some time, if you want to just play games and save some money then get the 8350 as when the gpu is a full load theres no difference in the majority of games between the two.

    also if you want to record or stream games the fx is better.

    500 watt is plenty even with a high end GPU in the machine.
  2. A 760 chipset board is NOT a good idea for such a high wattage CPU, get either a 970/990FX chipset motherboard.
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