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I have recently built my first pc and I now need a monitor to go with it. I need it to be full HD. I am not sure what else to look out for in a monitor and there are so many out there. Do you have any recommendations?

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  1. Depend of a lot of things:

    - Amount of money you want to put into the purchasing.
    - Use the monitor for gamming, fps or something that need a quick refresh?
    - Want a Ips panel (best colour and view angle)?
    - Want active 3D, passive 3D or none at all?
    - Want speakers in the monitor?
    - Tv?

  2. And if you will be gaming, what games do you play and what are your FULL system specs?
  3. Sorry about lack of detail,

    Im looking to spend about £150 or less and will only be used for gaming. Preferably an ips panel but i'm open to other suggestions. Im not worried about having 3D and it has to have decent speakers built in.

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