USB 3.0 sooooo Slow on ASUS g750 jx


i Bought Asus G750jx and i have on it 4 usb 3.0 ports and when i put mu 32 gig usb 3.0 kingston flash to transfer some huge files the transfer rate i so slow some around 10 mb/s, i check all drivers and is up to date, and i do not know how to fix this problem.

Help please
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  1. did you make sure to install the usb 3 drivers if you are using windows 7?
  2. I am using Windows 8, and i have instaled all drivers. Now i am trying somethin in power menagment and in devise menager and now my transfer speed is 75 mb/s but i am thinking that is slow too.
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    check benchmarks for your thumbdrive because 75MB's is pretty quick for a usb thumb drive.

    it wont run at full usb 3 speed only as fast as the memory controller and flash on the drive.
  4. ok i will

  5. I now try my usb and transfer files from USB to LAptop speed is 70mb/s that is ok, but from Laptop to USB is 10 mb/s and i do not know is it taht ok???
  6. the read speeds will often be a lot faster than the write speeds but it depends on the thumb drive, what drive do you have?
  7. Kigston datatraveler 100 g3 32gb
  8. grab crystaldiskmark and check how fast the drive is.

    should get results similar to this but it may vary depending on the quality of the usb3 on the laptop
  9. Thanks a lot. I will see.
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