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I need to figure out a way to put a camera in my barn 100' away from the house where the wireless router is, so I can check on my animals remotely (Iphone, laptop etc). The signal won't reach that far & barn is metal siding. s there an amped antena I could put on the camera, or a signal booster for the house system.. or do I have to run underground cable? Not too computer saavy, so any help from you experts here appreciated. Plug N pray definitely preferred due to lack of expertise.. Thanks!
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  1. I would lay a CAT5e cable inside PVC pipe out to a router configure as a wireless AP inside the barn. Metal makes it very difficult to just use wireless to extend out there.
  2. PVC pipe is a good idea like mentioned above.

    You can also buy 100-150 feet of electrical PVC conduit for flexibility to run the cat5e or CAT6 cable through. You will likely want to bury the cable underground in PVC pipe or flexible conduit, so you will also want to use direct burial Ethernet cable, 150feet should be what you need.

    You can get some Schedule 40 PVC conduit from your local lowes or home depot and bury it about a foot underground, this should let you easily run the Ethernet to your barn.
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