i7 4770k and Hyper 212 Evo load temps high?

Hi guys, first post so please go easy on me. Just built my first system and installed the 212 evo on the 4770k (which I got to say was a pain and had to reseat because I couldn't get it screwed down).

Anyways idle temps seem to be fine at around 29-33c. However when running prime95 100% (no overclock) load for 3 hours the core temps are as followed:

I know the temps on the haswell chips are slightly hotter but are those temperatures high or normal. And should I change the heat sink to the TX3 evo or keep my current heat sink. I know it's not as good cooler but has push pins so less likely to go wrong during installation or any other recommended coolers with a push pin connection.

I honestly thought the hyper 212 evo could keep the chip at the mid 60c range at 100% load. Any input would kindly be appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. Hey Jay,

    Honestly I think those temps are pretty good. With my 3570K, and Hyper 212 Plus, I get 70-75c at max load.

    As long as it doesn't go above 80c- 90c, your fine.

    As for upgrades in the future, I'd recommend a Noctua NH-D14, but only if you plan to overclock.

    Your idle temps are accurate however.
  2. Woah thanks for the super quick response Dave. I actually thought my temps were bad as everywhere else i see posts and people say it's dangerous if it goes over 70c. Still is there any way to improve temps by wiggling the cooler a bit, so it alligns perfectly or tightening the screws more so more contact.
    Thanks again.
  3. Honestly, 70c is fine, 80c is when I start to get somewhat concerned, and 90c is my max.

    As for improving temps, the Hyper 212 Evo and Plus have one of the worst mounting systems ever, and I don't think wiggling it or tightening the screws are worth it. As long as it is securely mounted, you are 100% fine. Plus, you'lll never get these temps in a real world scenario, maybe try gaming and see what you get?
  4. Haswell runs hot and unpredictably, best way to check is by confirming that the cooler is well fastened. But those temps could be perfectly normal and most likely are.
  5. Oh okay, thanks I guess I'll just stick with this cooler. Unfortunately I doubt I will be able to overclock the cpu (should have gone with the non K edition). Just out of curiosity how do intel expect people to stay within the 72.5c limit of the cpu when a non stock cooler can't even achieve this. Can't imagine what a stock cooler would be like.

    Last request, anyone with the same setup ie. processor and cooler. Could you please tell me your prime95 temp results to compare with. Sorry I'm a bit OCD especially when I spent so much money on a pc.

    Kind Regards,
  6. Yeah reasons why I don't suggest Haswell above Ivy.

    Anyway, the limit is way above 72.5C.
  7. Best answer
    Yeah, Novuake is right.

    Also, the TJMAX or CPU temp limit is 100c, 72.5 is generally just recommended.

    Jay, trust us. Your temps are fine. I have ivy bridge and mine are almost the same as yours.

    Let us know if you need any other help.
  8. PCDave and Novuake, you both are legends! Thank you so much for your help and quick responses, it is much appreciated.
  9. Not a problem Jay, if you need anything else, send me a message or post on the forum!
  10. I have 4770k and temps are following
    -stock cooler while playing (bf4) max temps where around 80-85
    -stock cooler prime 95 ( max heat test ) i run it like 20 sec and hitted 102
    -Hyper 212 prime 95 (max heat test ) after 20mis max temps where 88-80
    -Havent tried to play with new cooler but i think your temps are pretty good
    and my chip is not oc
  11. I just bought my Hyper 212 EVO because the stock heatsink got me up to 100 degrees celcius which made my PC crash. 75 degrees is perfect especially under load. You can give it a slight overclock if you want. Just as long as it doesn't reach the 100 degrees your fine.
  12. You can probably get better temps if you change TIM.

    For reference, I was getting the same temp range as you did, 212 EVO + stock 4770k clock. Then just like you I also thought it seems to be running a little on the hot side. So I decided to replace the TIM. I heard good feedback on Tuniq tx-4 so I gave it shot. Now none of the cores ever reached 70c when running the same blend test for 2-3 hrs. Heck it even hardly broke 65c. Old TIM was arctic silver ceramique 2.

    So I guess switching to a better TIM, or reapplying it if you already have an excellent one, should lower your load temps further.
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