I am using bell fibe 5/1 with a 2701hg/g gateway but i am not getting the proper internet speeds

I have ordered unlimited bell fibe 5/1 on a lifetime package (ends if i change house addresses) and i should be getting 5 mb/s download and 1 mb/s upload, but when i do download, i only get 700 kb/s before the internet is completely unusable because, we are apparently using up all the bandwidth. My upload speed appears really low because, when i upload to youtube a 15 minute hd 1080p video, it takes over two days! and half way through it, the video stops uploading and i need to reload. i ran the ShaperProbe from m-lab and i tells me the median for downloading was 1306 kb/s and upload was 392 kb/s. I most likely won't change my plan because it is a good deal.
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    Call bell tech support, they can run some remote tests to see what kinds of speeds you are getting at the modem.

    Or try connecting directly to the modem as the gateway may be dying and slowing everything down.
  2. how do i connect to the modem? because the gateway is both a modem and a router if i am correct.
    Here is a link to an image of the gateway:
    Thanks for the suggestion though =D
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