Need some help with picking the right monitor

Ok, so before I get to the question I'll just tell you what's going on:
I've been saving up money for a gaming rig for a pretty long while now and I'm almost there but I'm still doubting between a couple of monitors, a 27" LG 27EA33V | a 27" Acer S275HLbmii and a 24"
LG 24EA53VQ-P.
My goal is to build a rig that is suited for pretty long gaming sessions, primarily FPS games and because I never played on a monitor bigger than 19" (Never really played games on PC) I was wondering if 27" is worth the extra money and if you've got some suggestions for monitors, monitor size etc. please leave it in a reply because it'll really help me out.

Thanks in advance, sincerely Hugo.
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    i would suggest reading the monitor guide posted as a sticky at the top of this forum directory (perepherals) by manofchalk (i have a subpost inside with details also which goes into more depth).

    this will help you figure out the differences between panel types, how resolution and size affects sharpness and more.

    those three monitors you listed are all ips type monitors. given the relatively low price i would guess that they are all e-ips 6bit monitors. what this means is that the color accuracy (how many colors they can display without dithering) is the same as other low class panels like tn or va however they do have a much wider viewing angle then tn panels but not quite as much as the higher end 8 and 10 bit ips panels. the response times are a bit higher on ips panels as well as compared with a tn so there is a little bit of tradeoff... viewing angle for response time but they should still work fine.

    some people are concerned with response time as a priority so may pick a tn panel just based on the fact that they are faster responding. you lose out on viewing angle and in some cases with large screens can get color shifting in the corners but this is the tradeoff.

    generally fps gaming is best at 20-22" panel size. this allows the whole game to be within your central vision area instead of perepheral. you can see the entire screen without having to train your eyes onto a particular spot on the screen. provided you have good vision you can even see all of the far away targets too.

    this allows you to react very fast to any motion on screen which is no doubt going to let you play at your absolute best.

    however, there is something to be said about playing on a large screen....

    i personally used to play shooter games on a 20" 8bit s-ips monitor... i now play on a 40" 10bit s-pva television. the size difference between 20" and 40" might not sound so diferent but it is truly massive. it takes a bit getting used to for shooter games as it is almost overbearing at first but you do get used to it.

    details are not as sharp on the 40" and the whole game is not within your central vision area so you may need to move the cursor around to scan areas with your central vision area or just look to the corners. one thing you do get from enlarging the screen is that it is easier to see smaller targets because they are blown up in size. this may make it easier to aim and pick people off at the slight cost of not quite being as easy to react to action as in a smaller monitor.

    honestly to go big or stay small is personal preference. i use a big tv since i also watch alot of movies and play other games besides fps where it works out very well.
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