Help! My PC keeps freezing COMPLETELY

Hi guys.

I keep getting these random freezes. Everything stops, and i have to switch off with power button. It's been this way for a while but "back in the day" it only accoured during heavy gaming with maxed out settings.

-Now I can get the freeze reading a mail! -but only sometimes. I can play borderlands 2 with a friend for an hour, no problem. Then the next time I want to use my computer for something as simple as browsing the web... CRASH (or freeze)

My Temp. on CPU are 40-44C idle, maybe 55C MAX in gaming.
GPU around 31 idle 71 in gaming
I've tried memorytest86 (if im remembering the name right) no errors.
If the graphic card is the problem it shouldn't be able to play games and then freeze when not under load?

What do you think the problem is? -and is there any way of testing it without trying to replace each part.

Please Help. Thx alot:)
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  1. Depends on your specs. My first bet would be memory, I've had sticks pass memtest and still fail. try one stick at a time in alternating spots till all sticks have been tried and see what you get.
  2. Its probably either your RAM, or your PSU not being reliable enough (since you have to keep shutting it off),
  3. Okay..
    I've changed my PSU... no difference..
    Then i tried one stick of ram at a time.... still freezes.

    Soo... Im thinking the MB? or my Graphic card? Though it's not only happening during stress
  4. Replace your RAM completely. Could be that both sticks of ram are dead.
  5. i have 4 sticks. Wouldn't it be wierd if they were all dead?
  6. Best answer
    Janick Vorre said:
    i have 4 sticks. Wouldn't it be wierd if they were all dead?

    No it wouldn't. Now RMA your Ram boy! Lol
  7. I'll give it a try
  8. Janick Vorre said:
    I'll give it a try

    Alright, if it doesn't work, RMA your Motherboard, thats another crucial part of a build.
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