Added to homegroup and files shared...hacked.

I turned my sister's computer on today and i noticed a new icon on the desktop called "HomeGroup". This was not there the night before and I opened it which revealed a screen showing that documents, audio, video, photos, whatever else was shared with who knows. I was preoccupied and left the computer idle for several hours before coming back and leaving the homegroup after checking other details of the homegroup - the password was "superpowers".

Should I be worried that this hacker has potentially downloaded all of the photos/documents on the drive? What exactly does this sharing do? Is it only the documents etc. libraries which are shared or is there full control?

I've installed a new Antivirus and firewall (comodo) and did a full scan with Mbam.
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    Make sure your sharing is turned off also, no telling what all they got, would change passwords to email, other websites, etc
  2. Sharing is off, most passwords changed. It's been a while and nothing seems to have happened...yet. The shutdown time of the computer is significantly longer though. After clicking shutdown, sticky notes takes about 30 seconds to close then "task host window" pops up briefly showing as not responding before advancing to the shutdown screen which is more than 2 minutes long.
  3. Might be a corrupt driver/app isn't allowing shutdown to close it correctly - could run SFC /SCANNOW from the command prompt - it will check all Win system files and if any corrupt replace them - might also try disabling the sticky program since you mentioned it and see if shutdown goes better
  4. Thanks, will try that tomorrow.
  5. Drop us an update ;)
  6. SFC came back clean and closing sticky notes before shutting down does make it quicker. So I guess it was really just sticky notes slowing boot.
  7. Glad it's better, have fun!
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