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hey guys i got a wireless router a dlink n150 as a gift. i have a lan connection from a local distributor plugged in the ethernet port of my pc(i have windows 8). i am a little embarrased to tell u that i know very little about setting up a new network through this thing can guide me through this stup so thst i can access my internet through my phone. thanks
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    The dlink n150 has an ADSL (RJ-11) WAN port, so you can't plug your Internet LAN connection into that.

    You would have to plug the LAN cable into one of the LAN ports. You might have to get funky with NAT in order to make that work....

    ....unless you are provided with a private IP ( through or through or through

    If this is the case then:

    - Just plug the cable into D-Link LAN ports
    - Give the router an IP address on the subnet the ISP has given you.
    - Disable DHCP
    - Enable Wireless for your phone to connect
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