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Connection problem with ASUS RT-N56U and Cisco Valet Connector

August 29, 2013 8:45:40 AM


I'm usually pretty tech savvy, but when it comes to networking I'm totally clueless. I currently run on a 30Mb/s connection (tested with speedtest), the router is at one end of the apartment, connected to both a wired desktop computer and the modem. Now my brother is using a Cisco Valet Wireless Connector in his desktop computer through USB. The problem is that my brother is at the other end of the apartment, which is around 70 feet from the router itself, and gets almost no connectivity/dropped connection. He does, however, get multiple bars (receives a good strong signal). I find it rather odd, considering the router/adapter are new, and according to the internet they are premium items and work well together. Could it be my router settings or the adapter's settings? I tried switching USB ports, and using the provided dock, to no avail. Could another wireless network interfere with our own? I'm also getting limited range connectivity with the 5G band on the router (around 20-30 feet max).

Please if you have any ideas, share them with me! I'm open to buying new hardware as well. Tell me if you need more info on firmware and etc too.

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