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I have a windows 2000 Pro box SP4 that was set up many years ago by another party. Today the PC will not start up in normal mode, it's caught in an infinite startup loop. I can get into safe mode so I'm confident it's a driver issue. I had to do a hard reboot as it was locked up and I had left a USB stick plugged in so I think I think it may be some kind of driver issue.
Any ideas on steps I can take to resolve this?

Thanks in advance
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    It's more likely the harddrive. Start up in save mode, right click on the c drive in explorer / properties / tools and run the error checking. If you have data on the disk, copy it to another disk or stick first.
  2. Okay, starting to copy to USB drive and then will start the error check scan
    Yeah, some odd sounds coming from box, sounds like fan though
  3. 37 minutes to copy, check back then...
  4. Okay, data copied, I've tried to run chkdsk from the C/properties/tools but I get a "Windows was unable to complete the disk check. I then tried via cmd prompt and got a access denied. I seem to remember this can be run at startup, is this my next option?
  5. Also as this was handed down to me and the company did not keep good records I am missing the admin password.
  6. Error checking on c partiton runs on restart and - as far as i remember - doesn't need admin rights. Next chance: goto device manager and find out the make of the hdd, download the manufacturers error checking tool and run that.
  7. I'm going to try to run chkdsk from an emergency startup disk I found which lists this particular PC.
    I will go into console and give it a try.
  8. Same thing in recovery console... I pick the drive and then it asks for admin password, can't get passed that.
  9. HD is a SEAGATE ST3120026A
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