Inadequate cooling for my cpu and gpu possible solutions.


CPU: Intel Core I5-2320 3.0GHz (3.0GHz) - temp idle 38-42c stressed ive gotten it to 70-75c

GPU: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 560 - temp idle about 35-40 stressed around 65-75

RAM: 8gigs


I have the stock fans in the case and the stock heat sink on my CPU. the stock fan on the case is an exhaust fan. and i just ordered "Corsair Air Series AF140 Quiet Edition" Corsair Fan. which i'm going to mount on the front for the intake fan. the computer is pretty spacious so i think that alone will provide great airflow. do you think this alone will cut my components temperatures down significantly? i am scared to replace my CPU Heat sink myself and i refuse to bring it some where to have it done.
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  1. Maybe a little. Your temps are relatively normal, though. What is your ambient temperature?
  2. Your cpu is good to 80C at least and your GPU is also likely good up to that range.

    Also, have you tried cleaning out all the dust in your system? That might bring your temps down a bit.
  3. Hello... alot of the 460/560 video cards are not external exhaust cooling solutions... and will just re-cycle the air in your computer case, raising temperatures, if this your situation, another fan could, with proper flow direction, help lower all the temperatures in your computer.
  4. How would i find my Ambient temperatures? i use HWMonitor. my system is pretty clean i haven't cleaned it since i had it built though. i can see in there and i don't see any dust. its about a 10 months old now. i read that 70C was danger zone for CPUs is that not true? what are safe temperature ranges for my hardware?
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    Hello... Ambient temperature is ROOM temperature... remember this is summer, higher ambient than Winter, so things in the computer will run hotter.
    There is a system temperature, in HWMONITOR, which is your motherboard/case temperature.
    In your BIO's there is Temperature control options... you want PWM controled CPU FAN enabled, so your motherboard will speed up and slow down the FAN as needed for CPU temperature control...
    If you have a PWM System FAN connected to your motherboard, enable that Temperature control too.

    If your Video card is not "external exhaust"... Will be the major Heat source of Higher Temps in your case, and everything in it.

    To find out rated temperatures, go to the websites for your products.
  6. my room temps probably about 80 degrees Fahrenheit. i don't see a system temperature just PSU MB CPU and GPU. my CPU Fan is always at 100%. also, will the fan i bought definitely work for the intake of my case? i was skeptical if it would fit right.
  7. Hello... Finding a proper fit/size Fan is pretty easy... measure diaginally across the case mounting holes in Millimeters... they are pretty much standard sizes for your case/needs... but the Thickness, Voltage, MAX SPEED of the Fan, and Type of connection for Fan control varies.

    2 wire= NO Speed Control
    3 wire= NO speed Control but Speed read/TACH feedback
    4 wire= PWM Speed Control and Speed read/TACH feedback

    Experiment with the FAN air direction and placement for best cooling results...
  8. Thanks every one for your help ^^
  9. Thanks every one for your help ^^
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