amd dual graphics a8 6600k hd 7750 and question on amd system monitor.


I have been using amd system monitor to see whether my cpu or graphics card is maxing out during games as i have crossfired my hd 7750 with my a8 6600k and gotten a few fps drops which i suspect is due to the apu using some of the processor power to use the integrated graphics. which may mean i need to overclock the apu a bit?

I have taken some recordings with amd system monitor whilst playing bf3 but i haven't been able to view these recordings. Does anyone know how to open these recordings?
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  1. According to tom's review of dual graphics you are better off disabling the igpu and just using a 7750. Dual graphics increases your fps AND frame time variance. It basically gives you the same experience as only using the igpu.
  2. AMD's new beta drivers fix those issues discussed in that article. When they do the full driver release, those problems will be a thing of the past. Stick with crossfire.
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    The beta drivers does not address dual graphics but only normal cf with discrete cards.,3583-9.html You've still got to wait a couple months for a fix. Turn off dual for now.
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