$5K studio computer build

Hi everybody!,

I am in the process of building an Audio/Video editing supercomputer... My budget is $5k but i am willing to go higher if need be. I plan on having this computer for years to come and i want to be able to upgrade it as the years pass.
So far i have a
-Coolermaster Cosmos 2 case.
-4x WD black 4tb drives which will be set up in raid 10.
-Samsung 512gb pro 840 SSD for my boot drive and apps.

So My question for everybody is what Cpu should I be buying. I've researched my butt off and cant seem to decide between the i7 haswell 4770k (LGA-1150) or the i7 sandy bridge 3930k. the problem I've ran into is that the haswell being as new as it is doesnt have very many mother boards that support the 1150 socket that also supports over 32gbs of ram.. so i guess another question is do you guys think that the 2011 socket or the 1150 socket will be the socket of the future... im torn and sick of reading and shopping. also what is the deal with server motherboards? can you run a windows based OS on them? ..
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  1. Omg, that's a big budget!

    Ok, CPU, go with i7 3970X for about $1.2k
    Mobo go with asrock x79 extreme 4 for about $ 300
    Ram, buy any ram that is 4x8gb
    Video card, gtx 680 x 2 or x 3 in SLI
    Psu, go with Seasonic X1050
    Storage you already have it
    Keyboard go with corsair K95
    Mouse go with any razer mouses

    Well that's it! Quite crazy computer that can maybe even play crysis 3 at 60fps LOL
  2. I would wait for the Ivy-E's to come out for LGA 2011. Shouldn't be much longer for them to be available. You can run Windows OS on a server board. Version of windows will be important for some boards. Don't expect to run Home premium on a dual socket server board, for instance. I wouldn't worry about future socket. They change often. Since the first i7 920 was on placed on store shelves, we have had 5 different sockets. 1366, 1156, 1155, 1150, 2011.
  3. Really stupid build above. You should be getting a Xeon system and ditching SLi for titans or FirePros for OpenCL compute. You also need something that runs pretty quiet.

    The reason Server boards are so expensive is twofold. Firstly they are produced to much higher standards than Desktop boards, secondly they support Xeon chips, which are much more reliable and often much faster than i7s (there are 8 core xeons on the market and no 8 core i7s) and finally you have dual socket server boards that can actually seat 2x CPUs.

    And they all will support windows but you need windows server edition for some dual socket systems. Small price to pay as they are literally the same as their counterpart windows version (e.g Windows 7= Windows server 2008) but with extra CPU code and server capability.
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  5. Didn't quite get the followed tags beta-ness putting old threads at the top. Confirming stupidity.
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