need help BSOD on new system

I have tried everything to fix a problem with my new system but i just cant figure out whats wrong. I built a new system a little over 1 month ago with a new mobo cpu and ram, it has the same power supply hard drives and graphics card as my old system. here are the dmp files please help

new components are
Fresh installed windows 7
Asus Maximus VI hero
I7 4770k
G.Skill 16GB 2133

Old components are
xion 1000W gaming series PSU
corsair nova 128g SSD
EVGA gtx 680

I ran Memtest and got 2 errors so i RMAed the ram and am still waiting to get that back but i put my old ram that i know works in and just got another bluescreen. all drivers and the bios is up to date so i dont know what to do anymore. thanks in advance

I should also mention the bsods are seemingly random i can be watching a youtube video browsing the web or playing a game when they happen
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  1. Did you load mobo drivers from the Asus web site or just off the CD that came with the Hero? Also did you update BIOS?
  2. Bios version is 0711 and all the drivers i got were off the asus website
  3. Is DRAM 1600 or better? If so, is it running under XMP?, if not, try that, if so try with DRAM voltage up + 0.05, you don't mention what model of GSkill and they have a lot of 16GB 2133 so am guessing (hoping) it's a CL9 set
  4. F3-2133C10D-16GXM is the model number for the ram i was using before i RMAed it and blue screens happened with it at 2133 and 1333 the ram i am using now is F3-12800CL9T2-24GBRL @ 1600
  5. The DRAM you have now won't run correctly under XMP, try it at 1600 under auto - this is a 6 stick set, and the advanced timings under XMP are for 6 sticks, since you can only run 4 they will be too high...try initially with 2 sticks under AUTO and then set freq manually to 1600 and the base spec timings
  6. alright done

    i should also note that i ran memetest with this ram as well with xmp on and got no errors after 6 hours
  7. How old is the Xion, try raising the VCCSA + 0.06 or so, wondering if maybe a fluctuation of voltage problem
  8. its had 3 years of fairly heavy use, i have a brand new corsair TX750 that has never been used if that could be the problem
  9. Might give it a try, even from a bench type set up, PSU to the side of the case and leave the Xion in for the testing
  10. since i changed the ram i am just gonna leave it be until i get another bsod then ill swap the PSU. The bsod could take awhile tho cause i cant make it crash and its random
  11. Know how that goes ;)
  12. alright well that didnt take long just bsoded again guess im gonna switch out the PSU now
  13. Will keep fingers crossed ;)
  14. alright same BSOD again anything else?

    i think i might have found a way to force the bsod the last 3 bsods happened while watching past broadcasts on twitch dosent seem to happen on live streams tho
  15. Could you check in the advanced/secondary timings and see what the tRFC is at
  16. its set on auto but it says cha 128 chb 128
  17. Try setting those to 172 and see what happens
  18. alright done nothing happened started up as normal
  19. See how it goes and let me know if it blue screens and if so what the error code is
  20. will but so far all the recent bsods have been the same as the last 2 i posted in the dmp files
  21. Hopefully it won't, if it does can try the DRAM voltage up another + 0.04
  22. alright bsod again

    bug check code
    parameter 1
    parameter 2
    parameter 3
    parameter 4
    caused by driver
    caused by address
    crash address
  23. Best answer
    Okay try tRFC at 208 and DRAM voltage + 0.03, think that might do it, may also want vCore up just a hair + 0.006
  24. ok so DRAM voltage should be at 1.512 now?

    alright set it at tRFC 208 and voltage 1.512
  25. Give it a shot ;)
  26. alright its been a few hours still no bsod gonna let it run twitch videos overnight and hope it holds up
  27. Keep me updated, I'm hitting the hay for a few hours, long day tomorrow ;)
  28. 12+ hours in still no bsod could be fixed just gonna keep it running for at least another 12 hours, so if this was the problem with the ram i have in now do you think this was also the problem with the ram i RMAed.
  29. Prob not exactly the same, but in the area i.e. need adjustments to advance timings and or voltages, give me a holler when you have the others
  30. will do thanks for all the help really appreciate it
  31. Can prob go ahead and close the thread
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